Twos - Green Group

Twos – Green Group

In a separate cozy room with its own toilet and a small loft, 2 teachers care for and expand the developmental skills of eight children aged 18 to 30 months (1 to 4 ratio). Learning centers appropriate to their young age help them with fine and large motor development and cognitive advances toward complex pre-reading and math skills. The materials in the centers are changed each month to reflect the current focus of learning and the specific skill development of each child. They include art, music and movement, science, blocks and construction, dramatic play, and more.

The teachers help them learn more complex socialization and emotional skills, enhance their physical skills and healthy hygiene habits, and engage them in activities that strengthen all of their developmental areas. They also continue to learn to share and express their needs successfully. The teachers value parents’ observations and questions, and monthly goal-setting is done for each child by the teachers and parent. This might be to tell a story from pictures or build a simple block structure.

The Green Group has its own ample, well-equipped outdoor play area with a large sand area.

No matter how busy Karen is, she always takes time to communicate important information to us about our son’s day. Her lessons and art projects are thoughtful and relevant. We greatly appreciated the time and effort she put into Simon’s developmental assessment for our parent/teacher conference and found her suggestions on areas for improvement to be very helpful. Her tips and support with potty training have helped make the process a huge success, and we are all enormously grateful.

Sarah is another positive and dependable presence in our son’s life. Her advice and insights have been very valuable to our family, and we appreciate her efficient and no-nonsense approach to helping the class run smoothly. Simon frequently speaks fondly about “Miss Karen” and “Miss Sarah” and it is such a relief to know that when he is at school, he is being cared for by such competent and loving people.

Karen, Sarah, Debra, and all of the subs in the Green Group are a blessing to our family, and we so appreciate all of their hard work and dedication!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!