Parent Partners

Parent Partners

ACC Parent Handbook

Families play an integral role in the development of the programs at ACC. Our programs are family centered because we believe that families know their children best. We want to develop a healthy partnership with families so that we work together to create the best experience for each child. This partnership requires effective communication and opportunities for involvement.

We provide parents with regular verbal, written and electronic communication, providing a consistent flow of information from school to home and home to school.

In addition, our work with the children in our programs is not complete without our families’ active participation. We know from research that one of the best predictors of academic success is involving a child’s family in their educational experience.

While your participation enhances your child’s experiences, it also enriches the quality of our programs for all the children. Each ACC family brings unique gifts and talents to the ACC community. The entire community -children, staff, families – benefits from the involvement of each and every family. With parent support, we can offer special activities for children, raise funds for new equipment and learn about diverse topics, such as space exploration, fire fighting, and nature.

As stated in the admission agreement, ACC requires all families to perform 30 hours of creditable work during the year. This obligation may be met through a variety of tasks, including membership on the ACC Board of Directors, participation in Parent Advisory League activities, helping in the classroom, etc., etc., etc.! Tell us how you would like to be involved.