Veteran Director Toni Boucher has led ACC since the beginning. She has over 35 years experience in early childhood education programs, degrees in human development and psychology, and is active in community affairs related to children, youth and families. Administrative Assistant Kathy Pursel, who also has experience and education in early childhood development, provides valuable support for the operations of the program.

The teaching staff is the most important component of a quality child care program. These are the adults who spend their days with the children, building healthy relationships and creating enriching learning environments. At ACC we recruit teachers who have a strong educational and experiential background in working with young children. We are fortunate to retain teachers who believe in and are dedicated to ACC’s mission of serving a diverse population of children and families through excellent early care and education.


Thank you so much for our years at ACC. You have created such a loving, positive learning environment and work so determinedly to teach our children how to work, play and live with others. The lessons Kieran has learned from you are matched only by what we parents have learned! I am so glad that we could be an ACC family!

Administrative Assistant

I can’t thank Kathy enough for always being so patient with me and maybe even other parents who may have had a tough time dropping off their child on a particular morning. On mornings like these, I just don’t feel right when I get to work and have to give the school a call. Even though she’s probably doing 50 other things, Kathy is so happy to check with my child’s teacher and see how he’s doing. Kathy, thanks for the peace of mind, you are the best and thank you so much for all you do!