Annual Fundraiser

Annual Fundraiser


It Takes a Community 2020!

It takes a community to raise a child. That’s why Altadena Children’s Center has called its annual fundraising campaign “It Takes A Community” (ITAC). But community does not mean physically present, as we have all learned. Community is the connections we have made with friends, family, neighbors, educators. Community is the people you wave to as you walk through your neighborhood. The ones you video chat with and talk about your day. The people you miss right now, and the people who are on the front lines, providing crucial services so that we can all pull through this together. Community is the reason we are staying home right now. It takes everyone, working together, to make a community.

And you are a part of the Altadena Children’s Center Community. You probably know a child who is, or has, received the first-class care and education that ACC provides. You know a parent, or are one, who is struggling right now to try and provide that same level of care and attention, while also adjusting to working from home. You understand how valuable quality child care is, how it helps to develop young children, who in turn become the new leaders of our community. Every year, ACC asks you to donate to the ITAC fundraiser to support the ACC family. Highly trained teachers, clean facilities, coordinated administration and healthy meals are not cheap.

Your support makes it possible for parents to have a safe and loving place for their children to grow while they go off to work.. This year, your donation is needed more than ever to help this community keep going.Today, we all understand the value of ACC and the support it provides to working parents, the structure and reassurance it provides the children who attend, and its value to our community.

If you are able, please invest in our community. Make a donation to Altadena Children’s Center, and make a difference to these families. Your gift will not only sustain ACC in these difficult times, it will preserve the future of ACC for the next generation of children.


To make a gift to Altadena Children’s Center, please use our Crowdrise fundraising link or donate through Paypal.

You can also send a check to
791 E Calaveras St. Altadena, CA 91001

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