Pre-Kindergarten - Reds & Blues

Pre-Kindergarten – Reds & Blues

In their own room with many different learning centers and activity opportunities, a maximum of 12 children have 1 full time teacher and an afternoon teacher who plan their activities and care for them. The Reds & Blues share a large outdoor area with the younger Rainbow group. It has sand and grass areas, as well as a separate hard-surface space for riding tricycles and pulling wagons. These help them integrate developing physical skills with other developmental areas.

The activities provided in the learning centers are designed to ensure that they meet the particular developmental needs of children who will be entering kindergarten the next year. The materials in the centers are changed each month to reflect the current focus of learning and the specific skill development of each child. These include specific competencies in literacy and math. Experiences in science, art, dramatic play, music, movement, block construction and fine and large motor skills support the overall growth of each child. Our goal is to ensure that each child is engaged, enjoying learning and is well prepared for success in kindergarten.

Social and emotional learning continues to be emphasized as these children become very interested in friendships, having “best” friends and need support to successfully enter into these relationships. We continue to work on conflict management skills to help the children learn to express what they need and to listen to what other people need.

This morning was our first parent/teacher conference and assessment for Tyler at his kindergarten. Because of Terra’s commitment to our kids’ well-being, Tyler was considered to be one of the strong leaders in his kindergarten classroom, with particular strengths in math, patterns, ability to learn sight words quickly, attention to details, and much more! I have to say, I was not the least bit surprised at this assessment, knowing the environment he came from at ACC. I personally have noticed how much Tyler believes in himself and has confidence in his ability to learn and master new skills. He knows what is expected of him as far as behavior, responsibilities, and being a friend to others. Thank you!