Our programs are designed to engage children in the joy of learning through meaningful activities that support their optimal healthy growth and development.

Young children grow quickly and the ACC teachers’ goals for each child are designed to challenge them and expand their skills. Parents are an integral part of this goal-setting process.

The ACC curriculum, the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers, is designed to enable children to build skills to enhance their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

These areas are interconnected, and incorporating them into children’s learning in an integrated way is important for children’s optimal growth. For instance, many academic skills require physical development. Being able to write your name is a motor or physical function as well as a cognitive function. Dramatic play leads to the development of “executive function” that is essential in promoting the focus, self control, and mental flexibility required for academic achievement.

ACC staff, through their experience and training, are expert at addressing these developmental pathways. They are also attuned to the typical range of behavior and development of young children. They provide families daily feedback on their children’s gains and needs, and are committed to plan and work with each family and with community resources to address special needs. If a child requires additional help, the staff want to make sure that any developmental or physical issues are identified right away for further assessment and treatment. Early intervention is important and successful.

ACC provides programs for 5 age groups — 2 months through pre-kindergarten. They are located in three small houses — one for infants, two for preschool programs—and have well-equipped outdoor areas.