Threes and Fours - Rainbows

Threes and Fours – Rainbows

In their own spacious room with engaging learning centers, 21 children are cared for by 3 teachers providing a 1:7 ratio. The teachers plan monthly activities that meet the needs of all the children including a variety of learning centers organized around art, music and movement, science, block and construction, dramatic play, math, and literacy. The materials in the centers are changed each month to reflect the current focus of learning and the specific skill development of each child. They also take field trips to extend their horizons. The Rainbows share a large outdoor area with the Pre-Kindergarten group that has sand and grass areas, as well as a separate hard-surface space for riding tricycles and pulling wagons. These help them integrate developing physical skills with other developmental areas.

By three, children are beginning to be very interested in peers and friendships, but don’t always know how to do that successfully. ACC staff guide them toward self-regulation as they learn to engage appropriately with others, to understand the rules and boundaries of their environment, and to learn to take care of their own needs. They expand their emotional vocabulary so they learn the differences, for instance, between being frustrated and being embarrassed.

As they mature they begin to think more symbolically about their world, and the teachers help them develop these abilities through activities that actively engage all of their developmental pathways. For instance, mixing hands-on experiences and imaginative engagement enhances their math and literacy development. The teachers change the materials in the centers each month to encourage children’s developmental growth. Monthly goal-setting is done for each child by the teachers and parent, and teachers value parents’ questions and observations.

Relief is the gift that all the teachers in the Rainbow class give us. As first time parents, we do our fair share of worrying, but one part of the day that we don’t worry much is during the 8 hours that Samadhi is with Maria, Fikir, Sarah Z, Sarah M., Deborah and Donnie. We want to thank all of you for being so great with the most important person in our world. Samadhi is learning so much and is really just happy, and all of you have a big part in that. Thank you for every time you sing the mommy song so that we can rush off to work, for every bag you fill with soiled clothes as our daughter is being potty trained, for every clap and word of encouragement as she learned to ride a bike, and for every time you help her to understand what behaviors help versus hurt.

We could go on about all that you do for Samadhi, but our point is really to say thank you for contributing to our family’s happiness. The old saying is that it takes a community and you are all part of our family’s community — thank you for that.