Toddlers - Busy Bees

Toddlers – Busy Bees

Eight children aged 12 to 24 months are cared for and taught by 2 teachers (1 to 4 ratio). The toddler facility includes a separate outdoor play area equipped with an age appropriate play structure and riding toys. The teachers expand the variety and complexity of their activities. At this stage, as language development is speeding up and children are exploring the world more actively, teachers provide a variety of learning centers and activities to address each child’s developmental needs. These include literacy development, math and science concepts, art, and dramatic play.

The teachers also help the toddlers learn socialization and emotional skills such as cooperation and expressing their needs successfully. They enhance their physical skills, teach healthy hygiene habits, and engage them in activities that develop their intellectual abilities. The teachers keep detailed daily records for parents and value their observations and questions. The teachers and parents plan monthly goals together. For a toddler, this might be to learn to turn the pages of a book or use gentle touches with friends.

Isadora loves Miss Blanca! I have seen Blanca be so patient and loving with Isadora. She is a great teacher who has taught Isadora how to count to 10 in Spanish, and I see how she helps reinforce our family’s love of reading through story time. It really brings Sokoni and I great joy to know that our child is loved and cared for by all of her teachers in the Bees room. Thank you for all that you do to protect and engage our most precious asset.