Infants - Cuddle Bugs

Infants – Cuddle Bugs

In their own play and sleeping areas, 8 babies aged 2 to 12 months are cared for by 2 teachers (1 to 4 ratio) who provide a warm, safe atmosphere. Young babies are on their own schedule and need a balance between calm and stimulation. The ACC staff gently coax them to a more organized routine while allowing for individual variation. Activities enhance the babies’ social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. These include plenty of one-on-one time for cuddling, floor time to strengthen muscles, constant communication, encouragement and rich language input, toy time for small motor development and enhancing cognitive growth, story time, and outdoor walks for fresh air and sunshine.

Through the next several months of their lives, the variety and complexity of their activities expand. They learn socialization and emotional skills, engage in more complex activities to develop their intellectual abilities, and enhance their physical skills. Teachers keep detailed daily records for parents and welcome parents’ observations and questions. The teachers and parents plan monthly goals together. For a baby, this might be to learn to use a bottle, use a spoon, or begin to sit up.

I drop off Sebastian at the Cuddle Bugs classroom every morning shortly after 7 am, and Gloria is the first one to greet us. She is always so cheerful in the morning, and I can see her love and care for my baby. Sebastian is always happy to see her and reaches out for her every morning when he sees her coming to pick him up from his mommy’s arms. Even if the morning is very busy for us before we arrive, I feel relaxed when I drop off my baby with Gloria because I know he will have a great day and be well taken care of.

I feel so grateful to Lina, Leda, Delia & Gloria for taking such excellent care of Sarah while she was a Cuddle Bug. Sarah was only 8 weeks old when she first came to the ACC. I was really emotional at the thought of going back to work, but you were all so kind and understanding that I knew she would be in great hands. I remember Leda calling me those first few days just to reassure me that everything was OK. You’ve taught Sarah so many things over the last year and helped her develop into a rambunctious toddler.