Steps to Excellence Rating

Steps to Excellence Rating

What is Steps to Excellence?

The Steps to Excellence Project (STEP) is Los Angeles County’s first quality rating and improvement system for licensed child care programs serving children ages 0-5 .  This STEP system is a very important tool for families looking for high quality early care and education programs for their children.

The purpose of STEP is to:

  • Provide parents with clear, concise information on the quality of individual child care settings
  • Create incentives and supports for programs to meet and maintain higher program standards
  • Distinguish programs that are meeting these higher standards
  • Provide benchmarks to determine if the quality of care in individual programs or communities is improving over time

ACC’s Rating

Based on an extensive review of our program and in-depth observation in the classroom and yards, ACC was awarded a 4 out of 5 rating on the STEP scale.  Most programs are receiving 3’s. We are proud to be in the elite group of programs with a 4 rating based on this rigorous evaluation.

Steps to Excellence considers the following categories:

  • teacher/child relationships
  • learning environment
  • inclusion of children with special needs
  • staff qualifications and working conditions
  • family and community connections

We are particularly happy with our performance on the Adult Involvement Scale.  It ranks the interactions teachers have with children from the lowest (ignoring) to the highest (elaborated and intense).  “Elaborated and intense” focuses on higher interaction levels that involve:

  • engaging closely with all the children
  • asking questions that stimulate children’s critical thinking skills
  • asking and answering complex questions
  • soliciting active participation by all group members
  • providing emotional support for children.

ACC teachers were rated exceptionally high on the scale. 70% is considered very high. ACC teachers were rated at 76%.